Quality is our commitment & responsibility

Quality is a crucial element that differentiates the company, be it Product quality or a Quality maintaining process, every step is extremely important. At BDA we believe in delivering the best of product, follow a streamlined process and provide systematic and organized work experience to our Trade Partners.  Along with providing customized products and services, BDA encloses all regulatory, health & safety measurements at the workplace.

Quality management system at BDA

Order Processing | The first step of QMS begins with acceptance of Product orders from the clients.

Production Planning | Based on the Order, the Preparation and production of the material takes place.

Calibration | A process of calibration is conducted to determine the quality of Product.

Internal Audit | As a part of compliance, internal audit is administered on regular basis.

Corrective and Preventive measures | We at BDA identify the anticipated complications, determine the cause, and take appropriate measures to prevent it.

Identification, Labeling, and control of Non – Conforming products | Based on the order and further developments in it, the delivery of cancelled products is precluded.

Purchase, Monitoring & Supplier Selection

BDA purchase department is heedful when it comes to Purchase, sales, and supplier Selection. We Identify the business requirements of materials and Goods and find reliable suppliers to meet the requirements. BDA ensures the Product quality offered to their reputed and trustworthy vendors, is at the best. Our Logistics department supervises and pays close attention to all the shipments and makes sure that they are dispatched on time and delivered to the right location.

Storage & Inspections


As the goods need to be stored in appropriate atmosphere with ample of space, we are equipped with a well-managed warehouse for our complete inventory. The storage is critical if goods are to be retained at peak functionality, thus our warehouse is furnished with latest technology, maintaining a vigilant climate & humidity and is completely temperature controlled.


Maintaining the quality of products is one of the most crucial parts of the business. Thus, inspection of inventory and warehouse is carried out on Regular Basis. The receipt and release of products from the warehouse is maintained accurately. A systematic quality check of goods is done to provide our customers, the best of it.